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Dental implant is a cosmetic procedure that has been around since 1960 and is used to replace damaged or missing teeth. However, in past few years the use of this procedure has become much more common. This treatment procedure can be used for supporting crowns, changing single missing teeth, dentures, or bridge to restore various missing teeth.

Tooth Implant Houston is made from titanium. This is a metal that is famous to be consistent with body tissues plus it is capable to connect with nearby bone at the time of healing. Now, there are loads of proofs from clinical experience and from studies to show that the procedure of dental implant is a convenient and safe way to substitute missing teeth with real looking results.

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Reasons of having dental implants

Dental implants have loads of significant benefits over traditional dentures, bridges and crowns. Some of them are mentioned below -

  • Dental Implant Tooth feel and look like real teeth
  • Implants work in the exact way as real teeth and there are no problems with cleaning and eating the teeth.
  • Healthy neighboring teeth don’t require being filed down for acting as supports for the lost teeth or tooth. This implies that they are less expected to require root fillings.
  • The existence of the Fake Tooth Implant sustains the bone structure under the replaced tooth, because chewing forces are passed on through the implant to the bone and arouse the natural procedure of bone regeneration. This aids to maintain a good look, both of the face and the replaced teeth.
  • New Teeth Implants can be used for providing removable dentures a solid grip.
  • With dental implants, you will not required using special glues for holding the fake teeth in place.

What is Titanium Dental Implants

Titanium is a metal which is frequently used in Dental Implant Front Tooth as its properties are famous to blend well with human bone. Titanium is used for many years, and it is found to be a strong as well as lightweight material that surgeons use it for knee and hip replacements also.

Advantages of Titanium Dental Implants

There are many advantages of titanium implants and that is why the majority of implants are designed from titanium. Some common perks of dental implants made of titanium are -

  • Durable, strong and lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • 95 percent success rate

What’s included in a dental implant?

Basically a dental implant is a titanium cylinder or screw, between 8-16mm long, which is added into a ready bony opening in the jaw and works as a proxy root for the lost or missing tooth. A special addition known as the abutment, which is installed into the top part of impart, creates the outer connection for the new proxy crown (tooth) or denture or bridge (teeth). At the time of healing, the titanium shell of the implant blends with the nearby bone, in a procedure called as osseointegration. After 3-6 months, the implant is firm enough for supporting one or multiple fake tooth.


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