So we all know and enjoy the benefits of common plant adaptogens like Ginseng, Rhodiola and Ashwagandha. Decreased stress, improved cognition and overall health are often experienced from them.

However, it seems some synthetic compounds appear to meet the criteria of adaptogen too, like the drug Bromantane:

Bromantane,sold under the brand name Ladasten, is an atypical psychostimulant and anxiolytic drug of the adamantane family related to amantadine and memantine which is used in Russia in the treatment of neurasthenia. Although the effects of the bromantane have been determined to be dependent on the dopaminergic and possibly serotonergic neurotransmitter systems, its exact mechanism of action is unknown,[4][5] and it is distinct in its properties relative to typical psychostimulants such as amphetamine. Because of its unique aspects, bromantane has sometimes been described instead as an adaptogen and actoprotector.[6][7]

Anyone know of others? This would be an interesting target in drug and nootropic development.

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