If you are reading this article, you must be in search of the Vein Treatment Center. Venous insufficiencies appear both in men and women, though the certainty of a woman getting varicose or spider is more as compared to men. There are many reasons that support the evidence. Pregnancies, obesity, family history of vein diseases, are some of the factors that lead to vein diseases. Fortunately, with the innovation in medical treatments, there are numerous minimally invasive remedies designed to cure vein diseases. Though, no treatment suffices 100% certainty of alleviating varicose or spider veins. Yet the most effective and minimally invasive treatments have about 98% chances. Along with it, if a patient follows a proper diet and workout regimen, he/she would be able to eliminate venous diseases for good.


One such popular and the minimally invasive procedure that has shown tremendous results is RF Ablation. This article outlines the basic procedure and efficiency of Radiofrequency Ablation.

Ablation is a common procedure that uses heat to damage abnormal and affected veins. RF Ablation utilizes radiofrequency instead of the laser to burn and damage the veins that are affecting the flow of blood.

The Procedure

To treat the Vein Disease in Legs or other parts of the body, radiofrequency is directed to the impacted veins with the guidance of ultrasound to detect and locate the abnormal veins.

A catheter or fiber needle is inserted into the veins through a small incision and is moved through the abnormal veins to seal them shut using radiofrequency. If patients are uncomfortable, the vein specialists can make use of local anesthesia or a mild sedative to ensure comfort and convenience.

New and improved minimally invasive vein treatments like RF Ablation, Laser Treatment, and so forth helps patients to recover faster with no downtime. Patients are advised to wear compression stockings after the treatment for a week or so, to help promote the blood circulation and ease the process.

These innovative and advanced treatments have proved their worth by removing varicose and Spider Veins on Legs effectively with about 98% success rate.

Is RF Ablation Safe?

Well, compared to invasive surgeries like Stripping and Ligation, advanced procedures like Radiofrequency Ablation are quite safe and effective. The only risks associated with such methods are bruising or skin irritation due to skin sensitivity because of heat, prickling after recovery, or blood clots.

Always get the treatment from the Best Vein Specialist in town, to ensure the procedure is done conveniently. The more experienced and knowledgeable your vein doctor is the more comforting and effective the treatment will be.

Cost of RF Ablation

Procedures for vein removal are quite expensive. The cost also varies with the severity of varicose and spider veins on legs or other parts of the body, the specialists, the geographical location of the vein treatment center, area covered, and so forth. Usually, RF Ablation cost starts from $3,000 and may cost up to $5,000 per session. The good news is, some of the procedures for vein treatment are covered under insurance. To know more, verify with your vein specialist during the consultation.

For further information on RF Ablation, head over to Vein Treatment Clinic. We are one of the leading vein centers of America facilitating clients with advanced treatments at an incredibly low cost. Call us now on 855-673-2074.

Article Source: https://varicoseveinlasersurgery.blogspot.com/2020/02/skin-and-vein-treatments-takes-leap.html

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