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Rhodiola and DHEA are an amazing fatigue combo. This research topic is to show why.

This is a great combination to take when feeling the effects of a sudden energy dropoff. 

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“Increase in hormones generally leads to less fatigue? (seems like common sense to me)

A pilot study employing Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Supplementation with DHEA to CFS patients lead to a significant reduction in the symptoms of CFS: pain (improved by 18%, p = 0.035), fatigue (decreased by 21%, p = 0.009)), activities of daily living (improved by 8.5%, p = 0.058), helplessness (decreased by 11%, p = 0.015), anxiety (decreased by 35%, p < 0.01), thinking (improved by 26%, p < 0.01), memory (improved by 17%, p < 0.05), and sexual problems (improved by 22%, p = 0.06) over the period of the trial. Pretty Much Says Rhodiola Is The Best Thing for Fatigue

Lots of research and information on Rhodiola here:

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Dosage Suggestion: 500-1000mg Rhodiola and 100-200mg DHEA. (My experience) For males worried about an increase in Oestrogen can consider taking DIM to increase the ratio of Testosterone to Oestrogen. Works instantly whenever you feel tired, it's like a miracle. Pretty reliant on this because my inflammation generates sudden fatigue attacks.

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