How to remove back pain? Most respondents would answer with painkillers. But is everything so simple, as it seems to us at first glance? Anesthesia does not always solve the cause of the pain itself, but only removes the symptoms. And besides, Pain Specialist carlstadt have a very different form of release, method of application, or mechanism of action. With pain, the body calls us to action, asks us to understand the causes, and solves the problem, and we often take painkillers and hope that everything goes away on its own.


Etiology of back pain

Before treating back pain, you should find out what caused it. Just when we find out the real reason, there will be an opportunity to choose the right Pain Treatment carlstadt. The back is an organ that has a large area and includes the neck, spine, shoulder blades, lower back, and sacrum.

The back projects onto itself a mass of vital structures - nerves, muscles, organs of the chest, and abdominal cavity. That is why the causes of pain are the most diverse. For the most part, these are pathologies of the musculoskeletal system:

herniated discs;


myositis (inflammatory processes in the muscular system of the back);

intercostal neuralgia;

the curvature of the spine;

injuries, tumors.

Back pain does not always occur due to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Very often, the back can hurt with problems with internal organs:

heart disease (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris);

diseases of the respiratory system (pleurisy, pneumonia, bronchitis);

problems with the liver and gall bladder;

bowel problems;

kidney disease.

Also, the location of the pain does not always coincide with the location of the internal organs. And the pain is of different types. If the pain is acute and intensifies with movements or a change in body position, then this can often speak of diseases of the spine. The pain, which has a dull aching character in the area between the shoulder blades and gives to the left hand, is the cause of this cardiac pathology. A sharp lower back pain that radiates to the groin or thigh is a sign of renal colic.

Methods for diagnosing back pain

It is impossible to determine the cause knowing only one nature of the pain - it is necessary to be examined comprehensively.

There are several diagnostic methods for this:

history taking and patient interviewing;

chest x-ray;

ultrasound of the gastrointestinal tract;


CT or MRI;

laboratory research.

Methods for treating back pain

It is necessary to treat pain in the back if it is caused by pathology of the spine, not only in a medical way. This should include physiotherapeutic procedures, and massage, and therapeutic exercises, combining all this with alternative medicine methods.

Medical methods

Medical treatment of pain is mainly aimed at analgesia, removal of inflammation, and improvement of metabolic processes. It is known that analgesics are divided into two types: narcotic and non-narcotic.

Physiotherapeutic procedures

Do not forget about physiotherapeutic procedures for back pain. Pain Doctors in carlstadt are aimed at stabilizing the spine, strengthening the back muscles, and improving local metabolic processes. In this case, electrophoresis with calcium, and the addition of Eufillin and Lidazoy are used. Muscle electrical stimulation, paraffin treatment, and amplipulse are beneficial. You can cure chronic back pain by relaxing in mud spas.

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