Pillows are very crucial part of overall bedding system, and it is a very important segment that can give you a comfortable sleep. If you have an enormous mattress with a horrible pillow, you are about to have poor sleep at night. If you get a great mattress with a horrible pillow, you’re about to sleep poorly at night. Varieties of pillows are there on the market at various points.

Here we are going to discuss some of the common types of pillows with their benefits and drawbacks, and you can find out these types of pillows in the market easily. If you are searching best pillow for your neck then a careful research online can give you lots of choice. When you will search online you can easily find best pillow for neck support even at affordable price.


Fiber fills pillows

Such variety of pillow does not use any expensive or fancy materials. They are made from only polyester fibre fill. Quality and quantity of fibre may vary in different types of pillow for stomach sleepers. Such variety of pillow can be created as down choice pillows, means the amount of fibre in this pillow are short and shaped diversely, which makes them quite “scrunchable”.

  • Pros: These kinds of pillows are breathable and inexpensive.
  • Cons: they are not resilient, and most of them are not caring. Side sleepers usually require two pillows so they can get proper support for their neck.

Feather and Down pillows

These two types are correlated, but we’ve combined them here. Geese and ducks are the resources to get both feathers and down. Feathers are very supportive and sturdy element whereas down are softer, but some pillows make use of both. They are also very famous with the name of stomach sleeping pillow as well as they are little costly and longer as compared to fibre fill pillows.

  • Pros: they are scrunchable and soft and somewhat durable.
  • Cons: they are not a suitable choice for those people who have some allergy issue as low-cost feather pillows may consist of some feather poking you in your face and that is not found in expensive ones.

Memory Foam Pillows

These kinds of pillows are pretty famous because of their superior quality and suitable for those who can spend some higher amount. Some of them shaped similar to regular pillows while some are contoured. However, some of the pillows consist of ragged memory foam to resemble like a conventional pillow.

  • Pros: they are available in wide range of firmnesses, and the same are contouring and supportive.
  • Cons: they are costly, and they cannot be scrunched up.

Buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat hulls are used to fill in the buckwheat pillows to get proper support. These are very adjustable as they are usually unzipped, and you can fill the best sleeping pillow manually.

  • Pros: they are adjustable and supportive.
  • Cons: it may even require some kind of experiment to find out the accurate firmness.

Article Source : http://holistichealthportal.com/profiles/blogs/take-a-look-at-different-type-of-pillows


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