In many cases, the dental expert may have to go a little much deeper and chip off some bone around the upper teeth location. Crown Lengthening is a process that is usually done to attempt to avert a scenario wherein you might be experiencing what is commonly described as a gummy smile. With a cosmetic procedure undertaken by a knowledgeable Dentist in Houston, you will certainly have the ability to correct your current situation, and your teeth will certainly be back to a fitting placement in the mouth, therefore, offering you that adorable smile. If you're not that much into surgeries, you need not bother with this whatsoever as it is an uncomplicated process.

What is a crown?

A crown is a cover or caps your dentist put on over a tooth. The crown is applied to a chipped and crooked or damaged tooth to restore its normal functioning and shape. A dental crown is supposed to make the tooth stronger and durable.

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What is Crown Lengthening Surgery?

You will, of course, be put under local anesthetic so as not to experience the pain that is likely to arise from the Crown Lengthening Surgery. As soon as the area is numb, the periodontist can, as a result, begin to cut the sticking out periodontal so as to pull them far from their first position. There will be a need for a great deal of care. The use of clean and sterile saline water is quite urged to protect against any possibility of infection. As soon as the extreme gum tissue has been sliced off, the periodontal are cleansed and sewn up back to normal. The healing process will then be the next root cause of interest. The main prescription is typically a painkiller that certainly aids to keep you tranquil and free from distress.

Recovery Process

The stitches generally take around 10 days to recover off entirely as well as you can afterward begin appreciating your new look. The time Dental Crown Lengthening requires to heal completely will differ from one person to another yet you can feel confident that it is indeed a very convenient process. You will, in fact, understand the value of this treatment as soon as you have actually evaluated the benefits related to this procedure.

How much does crown lengthening cost?

Whether done for cosmetic or medical reasons the process costs somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500 per tooth. The crown lengthening cost adds up with each addition to the tooth and the necessity of the procedure. There are other factors as well as that influence the cost of the treatment, such as the geographical location of the dentist, dentist’s charges or the need for sedation in the procedure. Sometimes when the procedure is done on multiple teeth, the cost can be reduced.

Usually, cosmetic procedures don’t come under insurance, yet you may never hesitate to ask your dentist in Houston about insurance coverage and discount offered (if any).

Visit Edge Dental Houston to get a dental Crown Lengthening procedure. Our dentists are highly qualified and trained to perform new and advanced cosmetic treatments with the utmost care and compassion. Give us a call to schedule an appointment now!

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