Reversing Skin Wrinkles and Hair Loss By Restoring Mitochondrial Function Contribute

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In a landmark study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, scientists were able to reverse all visible hair loss and wrinkled skin in weeks. 

This was done by turning off a gene responsible for mitochondrial dysfunction.

Though this is quite far from practical application and is working on a very specific method that causes wrinkles, it shows that wrinkles and hair loss may be completely reversible

It also suggests mitochondrial function plays a strong role in skin health.

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Scientists reverse aging-associated skin wrinkles and hair loss in a mouse model: A gene mutation causes wrinkled skin and hair loss; turning off that mutation restores the mouse to normal appearance. -- ScienceDaily

Researchers have reversed wrinkled skin and hair loss, hallmarks of aging, in a mouse model. When a mutation leading to mitochondrial dysfunction is induced, the mouse develops wrinkled skin and extensive, visible hair loss in a matter of weeks. When the mitochondrial function is restored by turning off the gene responsible for mitochondrial dysfunction, the mouse returns to smooth skin and thick fur, indistinguishable from a healthy mouse of the same age.

‘Unprecedented’ Study Shows Signs Of Aging Can Be Reversed In Mice | Evolving Science

The process of human aging is believed to begin, in some form or the other, around the age of 25. Some of the earliest signs include fine lines on the skin, graying, loss of hair, and wrinkles. While aging is inevitable and cannot be stopped, several products and research have claimed otherwise. But until now, nothing has really come to fruition.

Anti-aging breakthrough: Scientists reverse wrinkles and hair loss in ground-breaking study - Global Cosmetics News

Scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have published an ‘unprecendented’ study on mitochondrial depletion in mice that could be the key to reversing and eliminating the signs of aging, according to a report published by Vogue. During the study, scientists activated a mutation in mice causing their mitochondrial function to decline and, as …

Scientists Have Found a Way to Reverse Wrinkles and Hair Loss, According to a "Unprecedented" New Study - Vogue

When researchers tweaked a gene mutation linked to aging, wrinkles disappeared and hair grew back—really.

US scientists identify gene that can reverse wrinkles, hair loss, United States News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

WASHINGTON • A research team from the United States has identified a gene in mice that can reverse wrinkles and hair loss.. Read more at

Scientists have found a new way to reverse wrinkles and hair loss

An “unprecedented” reversal of ageing was seen in mice studied in America

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