This is inspired by a user on reddit called nom420. So credit to him for providing most of the information. He said this worked for him and other people he knows, he is 44. Nom420 is also a computer scientist and has studied longevity as a hobby for many years, making him a kind of experiential expert in this field.

I am going to attempt to design and explain a anti-aging routine that can be used to slow down aging scientifically. This Research Topic will be updated as new things are found and discovered. Feel free to comment and add.

nom420 used to use Neutrogena moisturizers with retinol, but said if he did it again - he would not wash his face anymore, just wet it.

Now he thinks people should just use Cerave with hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Both types of technologies are worth looking into. (Ceramides and Cerave being relatively new technology).

Sometimes the routine also includes other ingredients like trehalose and apigenin, but only intermittently. It is also important to moisturize at night. Moisturizing your face morning and night slows down aging a bit.

So his recommmendations on a budget are:

  • Cerave with hyaluronic acid and ceramides.
  • A serum with Matrixyl 3000 and Vitamin C in a hyaluronic base.

    Drink plenty of water, especially first thing in the morning. Drink a whole 20 oz or more when you get up every single day. 

Standard things like being a healthy weight, exercise all helps. Sunscreen is also important, but make sure it blocks both UVA AND UVB. Take Vitamin D regularly IU 4000 per day, because it reduces damage from sunlight. Also sunscreen slows down your natural production of Vitamin D. Also this helps you maintain bone density over the coming decades.

When bone density is lost in the xygomatic and maxilla bones of the face, you get more wrinkles.

Coffee should only be drunk with light roast blends, as darker blends contain large amounts of pentosidine and that causes glycation which causes wrinkles.

Overcooking food also causes glycation which can build up.

Sugar is another obvious one, but very hard to avoid. 

Alcohol is very bad for aging, so limit this.

Frequent sauna use of 20 mins 4 times per week at 80 degrees Celsius has many benefits one of them is making your skin look better.

Lastly, intermittent fasting or occasional extended water fasts of up to 4 days, this can definitely help your skin looking great.

Don’t forget eat lots of soluble fiber.

Feel free to add an update this with more research. Will be trying the routine and see how it goes.

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