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What is Elysium Basis?

Elysium Basis is an expensive supplement that purported raises NAD+ levels, on the surface it seems to be the magic pill promise. A pill that reverses ages and backed by science, however further research on the interwebs seem to point towards the research inconclusive. The main selling point of Elysium Basis is that it is backed by a bunch of Nobel winning scientists, however, the ingredients in Elysium Basis are nothing proprietary or special.

We are here to find out whether Elysium Basis lives up to its hype (having being covered by many mainstream media outlets due to the fame of some of the scientists funding it), or whether it is just another overpriced supplement with no evidence of working.

Post your reviews and experiences here. I may chain some stuff I found on the internet about Elysium Basis too.

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Supplement Panned by Critics

Seems like a bunch of experts are critical of this supplement according to this article:

Mainly because the brand is a bunch of top-tier scientists (35 people!) using their high profiles to lends their names to create a supplement company for an anti-aging pill that really invent anything.

Nicotinamide Riboside could already be bought, but the marketing by the Nobel Prize winner scientists make it sounds like they discovered something completely new.

There is also no proof the supplement pills will extend the life of any human, but by attaching their Nobel Prize names to the supplement it makes it seem like their promise is good.

“Some of these people may think that they’re being asked to do this because of their deep insights,” says former Harvard Medical School dean Jeffrey Flier, an expert in metabolism. “That’s the part that’s a joke. They're not. They are part of a marketing scheme where their names and reputations are being used.”

In fact some of the 35 people involved said their involvement should not be seen as endorsements, but rather the 35 people should be seen to advise Elysium on what products they make and what ingredients they use.

Elysium is co-founded by Leonard Guarente, a famous anti-aging researcher who studies genes called sirtuins, Basis claims to trigger this pathway, but sirtuins can already be activated by many widely sold supplements.

Elysium has raised 20 million from venture capital investors due to its prestige. With the money, it is not conducting its own clinical trials. Critics however says a company doing clinical research on its own products are bound to only show positive results. Elysium has responded that very few companies are held to such high standards.

But they are being held to such high standards because they are using their elite scientists credibility to sell this supplement which doesn't have any proprietary ingredients not found in others.

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