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The coolsculpting is, as its name indicates in English, a reduction and aesthetic treatment of the body through the application of cold: with precise and controlled cooling can safely remove fat cells, without damaging the skin. Let's see in this article what it is and how it is done.

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Basically, Coolsculpting Procedure helps to eliminate localized fat which is one of the biggest problems for many people, especially when age advances, since once it is located it is difficult to eradicate.

What Is Coolsculpting Procedure - The coolsculpting is a non-invasive and safe procedure, which manages to destroy the adipose tissue by means of a suction application and the constant emission of intense cold. Faced with this, the fat deposits undergo a process of crystallization -freezing - and die. After the treatment, the organism eliminates this fat in a natural way.

The physical technique of cryolipolysis is based on a decrease in the temperature of the fat located below 0ºC. In this way, the localized fat cells are destroyed by crystallization, then the body proceeds to the gradual elimination of lipids for a period of between two and six weeks.

This non-invasive technology has become very popular for its ability to redefine the body without the need for surgery or recovery time.

It is a method that does not need surgery, anesthesia or hospital admission, a non-invasive method that aims to reduce fat in localized areas such as the abdomen or cartridge belts.

The team combines 3 non-invasive technologies:

  • Radiofrequency
  • Cryolipolysis
  • Cavitations

These 3 devices work well separately, but together they allow obtaining excellent results. So now you know What Is Cool Sculpting.

The advantages are several and clear: it does not require surgery or anesthesia, nor does it have a subsequent recovery time. It is used, especially, to treat and reduce the following areas of the body: abdomen and waist, upper and lower back, inner thighs, hips, chest -in men- and jowls.

There is also no specific indication before treatment: you can eat as usual and you just have to be well disposed. Its duration is a maximum of two hours and you can resume the activities after it without any problem.

The only signs that can remain on the skin of the treated area is that it looks a bit more red, numb and with a bit of a tingling sensation. If necessary, the specialist will indicate an appropriate medication - over-the-counter. Is Coolsculpting Safe, yes it is.

Beyond this and other treatments to eliminate fat, it is worth remembering that taking an adequate diet will help in this type of process: consume fewer calories than those spent daily, reduce consumption of fats and refined sugars, and increase fibber intake. It also lowers the dose of salt, since it promotes the accumulation of liquids.

The aerobic activities like brisk walking, jogging or steps or spinning are also good choices to support treatment of this nature and lead a healthy life. You can also do localized exercises to tone the specific areas, according to your need.

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