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Do you know what the PRP is and how many benefits it has? The Platelet Rich Plasma is a painless, non - invasive cosmetic treatment comprising applying to the skin an injection of blood plasma from a blood sample from the person. This substance contains plasma proteins and platelets that allow cell regeneration and skin rejuvenation.


Its application, in general, is up to 4 sessions a year to enjoy its properties.

There are several myths surrounding this procedure:

I do not need to perform any control or prior medical study

False. It is very important to emphasize that all patients should be given, before application, a complete clinical history and a blood test, to rule out any pre-existing disease. There are specific contraindications for patients with blood disorders and immunological, among other pathologies.

Can so this many times

False. The application protocol and frequency depends on each patient and the degree of skin aging that is present. In general, Prp Boston is advisable to apply it 2 or 3 times a year, to promote tissue regeneration. Then, you can repeat the same routine a year, in order to keep fabric regeneration active.

After the treatment, I can rejoin my work and social activities without problem

True. After the application, people can resume their professional and social life immediately. No marks or scars are generated, nor should you rest.

Benefits of Plasma Rich in Platelets - OBES Corporation

If you want to know more about Prp in Boston treatment and discover how it can help you boast a luminous and hydrated face, read carefully these eight benefits of the platelet-rich plasma that we detail below.

                Increase the production of collagen, which helps to regenerate the skin causing wrinkles, spots and acne marks to be dissimulated and, in some cases, even disappear.

                Helps to fight cellulite, because by regenerating the skin allows it to resume its normal cycle and can combat the cellulite climate through the stimulation of the microcirculation of tissues, which allows more oxygen to reach.

                The effect of platelet-rich plasma helps tone muscles and makes the skin regain its firmness, tenacity and stay in place.

                It favours the natural production of elastin, a necessary substance for the skin to retain its elasticity and prevent the appearance of new folds.

                It is a preventive and regenerative treatment, so it can be used by people from 30 years of age to avoid the first signs of aging.

                If applied to the scalp, platelet-rich plasma offers the benefit of stimulating healthy hair growth in cases of alopecia.

                It is an outpatient treatment that lasts approximately 40 minutes and that offers no side effects. After the session, the person can lead their life in a normal way.

                It offers a healthier complexion, an effect that is immediate after the first application.

        This treatment is completely painless and easy to implement. And it is used to treat all pathologies that require tissue regeneration

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